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Walter Logeman

Psychotherapy - Working Online


Walter Logeman interviewed by Ulla Damgaard-Sørensen. From the Journal: CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY TRAINING RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2003. Will give you an insight as to what it may be like for you working online with your psychological issues.

Here are answers to questions about my approach to psychotherapy online:

Addiction Can Psychotherapy help?

Approaches Does Psychotherapy online include...?

Catharsis Can strong feelings be attended to online?

Cyberspace A few thoughts about the medium.

Dreamwork Work with a dream.

I don't like myself! Get your self esteem back, learn to love yourself as you are.

Goals What is the place of goal setting in psychotherapy?

Counselling Sharing problems and feelings, now, and feel some relief.

Grief A Journey that visits you!

Ending Create a good ending.

How long does therapy take?

Managing Mail A part of the creative process (for some).

Transference Is working by email prone to misunderstandings?

Online Time How do you have sessions online?

Pros and Cons Can psychotherapy be done online? Can we do real therapy here? Yes. For people who are reasonably familiar with communication over the Internet, online therapy can be effective and have some advantages over face-to-face work. There are also some difficulties inherent in the process.

Psychotherapy Space Make a place to do this work.

Relationships Working with your relationship online! And offline.

Role Reversal An essential part of psychological healing.

Last updated: Saturday, 12 December, 2009